Sunday, February 7, 2010


Here are the pictures of the dried fiber from my 2 kool aid experiments. (Check yesterday's post for details) I am pretty happy with them both. With the first I really wanted no white so when I spin I wont get pink. The fiber is arranged in the picture as it was in the dye dish. There is a bit more variation in the color than the picture shows but I think when it is spun it will look kettle dyed. I should have used more grape to get a darker purple in the middle.
My second also made me happy and I am really looking forward to spinning it. There is quite a variation in colors so my spinning decisions will make a big difference in my finished yarn. The bowl I used to dye was round, smaller on the bottom. I am excited how the different layers (bottom of bowl is top left in picture - go clockwise, top layer in bowl is at the bottom left)maintained the different colors I poured. Looking forward to spinning this!

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