Thursday, April 28, 2011

Love a three ply!

I have my singles set, 2 bobbins of Spunky Eclectic Feb 2011 Club Fiber, Corriedale, in colorway Mordor and one bobbin of Wensleydale fiber in a natural dark grey.
Mordor Plus Singles
And all plied! Mordor Plus 3 ply
I have started the Blueberry Baby Hat for my friend Nancy's first grandson. Nancy's dtr. has great hair, red and curly. I keep thinking how nice it would look on a red head, but really, these Berry Baby Hats are so freaking cute! Pictures soon
The April 2011 Spunky weaving club project is underway, well I did spend some time last weekend on it. Got the yarn beamed and the shuttle wound but never got back to it to finish the threading. Too busy with spinning I guess!
Weaving Club April 2011
Here is this month's fiber purchases and one trade. SCF Mixed Jacob "Tendrils"
Had to add David's picture to show the real colors!
SE BFL "Nightmare", this picture does not show the fiber correctly at all, it is mostly dark with just a bit of the colors seen.
And my trade where I got my first 4 oz. of Hello Yarn 50% Superfine Merino Wool / 50% Tencel "Air"
Looking forward to MDS&W! I will get to visit the Pocket Wheel people, mine should be coming sometime in June!!!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

YEA! A new dog!

This is going to be a short one, missed getting one out over the weekend but it was a great weekend - Morgan, our new 9 year old Australian Shepard, arrived on Friday. I am so happy to have her. I do need a dog in my life and she is perfect for us! No good pictures yet but I have to share the one I took on Easter. The flash washed out the color some but I do love her alert expression.
The 3 day weekend was also a fiber weekend Spinning, knitting and weaving took place. The only picture of all that I have is the baby hat I finished for a coworker last week. Clair's hat
It came out so cute I have started another one in a deep blue for a friends first grandchild. It will be a blueberry hat! Also got my April Weaving Project on the loom, finished spinning my second bobbin of Mordor and started a bobbin of dark grey wensleydale that will be the third ply (with the 2 plys of Mordor). So a busy and very satisfying weekend!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

March Weaving Project: Felted Scarf - Done!

My head cold improving but hung in there for a second week AND I had to go away for work a few days - both has had impact on my fiber fun this week but here and there some fiber activity took place. I am working on my Spunky Eclectic Weaving Club March 2011 project. This was a fun technique and weaves up pretty fast. I used the nuno felting process (project rolled up in bubble wrap after being sprayed with hot, soapy water and rolled back and forth to felt). Here is the finished scarf!
March Weaving Club finished
And a little on the process. first with the spacers in while weaving:
finished with spacers close up
Then with the spacers all out but still on the loom:
finished with shuttle
Off the loom:
Off the loom close up
Almost ready to roll up for felting - bubble wrap on bottom, then scarf, then covered with netting & sprayed with soapy water:
Close up of felted scarf! I rolled the scarf around a rolling pin and rolled back and forth long enough to get it sticking together, finished in a bowl with my felting plunger (not to be confused with the bathroom plunger!!!). I decided to stop felting while I could still see the weaving structure.
Felted Scarf close up 2
Should have a finished baby hat by next weekend and at a minimum the second bobbin of Mordor which will be plied with a a dark grey Wenslydale.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

There is always fiber!

Cockatoo Tussa Silk SCF Had to start out with the stunning Tussah Silk "Cockatoo" dyed by Southern Cross Fiber. I ran out of the yarn I had spun for my Haruni shawl and David helped me locate the one other person who had this colorway left so I can spin some more fiber. It will be the second ply with Spunky Eclectic Istanbul Sunrise.
So the first full week of April and still getting snow! At least it isn't sticking. Hoping for better weather and better health next week, my cold has hung on all week too. After a really busy week at work and being sick to boot I had some really great moments Friday.
First I got an email that it was time to make a decision on the Pocket Wheel! I have been on the waiting list for about 6 months - will be finally getting it in June but I got to choose the wood and what I wanted with it. Check out the web site I am ordering a cherry Pocket Wheel with a Woolee Winder.
Next my Southern Cross Fiber Clearance goodies arrived! I picked up the BIG pillow of fiber from the post office on the way home and took some pictures. It was a BIG pillow!
Big Clearence pillow!
Bobbin from Matchless included for scale.And now the fiber! My Haul, a total fo 4.2 pounds!!!! -
My Haul
Now one at a time out of the bags - not great pictures but it is great fiber! Lot 10 SW BFL 238g (8.4 oz)
Lot 10
Lot 77 Superfine Merino 830g (29.3 oz)
Lot 77
Lot 94 Polwarth 495g (17.5 oz)
Lot 94
Lot 86 Merino 360g (12.7 oz)
Lot 86
WOW I can't believe that is all mine!!!!!