Sunday, August 25, 2013

Fiber packed fall ahead!

Finished Fiddleheads
Finished Fiddleheads with lining
Finished Fiddlehead Mittens -(I would say this is the last of their pictures but I plan on taking them to SAFF for my "Taking Pictures of Your Projects" class with Franklin Habit).  I just love them and the color work is fun to do. The liners went pretty quickly but were boring. I didn't take enough care with the size but they work. I will do better on my next pair - now to pick out the pattern!

I seem to have activities scheduled almost every weekend until the end of October! I am not sure why I am so surprised since I did all the scheduling/committing but I am. Yesterday was a whole day of basket weaving. I took a class organized by a spinning guild member (thank you Mina!). Started the process at 10:00 and stayed until it was finished at about 6:00.
Morgan and my basket Basket bottom and Spunky Eclectic Apr ‘13 Club - Seashells - oatmeal BFL
The yarn with the basket is Spunky Eclectic Apr ‘13 - Seashells - oatmeal BFL spun single for Taygete, one of Rosemary Hill's lovely shawl patterns. Just started the second fiber for that pattern,
Chameleon from Oct. 2012 SCF Batt Club in BFL/Silk.

TdF2013 This is a picture of my finished yarn from Tour de Fleece - The big bunch is for a "Vine Yoke Sweater". It is Southern Cross Fiber Polwarth from a sale "lot 86", 26 oz.. The 4 oz on the left is Spunky Eclectic "Not so Seaworthy" Wenslydale.
 I am combining 2 colorways into one yarn to knit the yolk on the Vine Yoke sweater, Lot 86 will be the body. So far only a picture of the 2 fibers drafted together. I took the pictures on a beautiful day spinning at a B&B with some Spinning Guild friends last weekend.
Aug2013 combo fibers Aug2013 combo fibers drafted together both are Southern Cross Fiber, the dark green is Shetland and Silk"Night in a Forest" and the batts are Merino/Silk/Cashmere "Teeming". Will have to wait to see how the resulting yarn looks with Lot 86.
My knitting has been focused on a little baby blanket for a niece's baby, Debbie Bliss "32 Triangle Edge Blanket" .
YAY Fall!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Catch up August

It has been a busy summer with a busy Fall ahead so I had better catch up now!  I met my final TdF goal of a minimum of one hour spinning on work days and 2 hours on non work days. My pile of fiber was over ambitious as usual and still no picture of finished yarn!
Aren't they cute!
My lovely niece was married last weekend - time leading up to that event was stretched thin. Pictured with her husband on the ship that was the venue. She and her husband are now on their way back to Korea where they both teach English. I wove her a light wt. Summer wrap but the only picture I managed was after warping with Silk Cloud. The weft was that cone of Xie at the right top of the picture. I beat very lightly which resulted in many "waves" in the weft but a very light weight fabric.
Hannah's Wedding Wrap - the start!
 Guess I don't have to feel bad I didn't get my sister's wrap even warped. Another project still in my queue!
I finished my Birthday Maroo Mitts, pattern by  Ambah O'Brian:
Birthday Maroo Mitts
Also finished my Fiddlehead mitten liners. The liner mittens were a learning experience, next pair of lined mittens I will take better care to get a better fit but I do love them, finished pictures soon!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tour de Fleece 2013

Started spinning on day one - my goal this year is at least a half hour each work day and at least an hour on non work days - and have been meeting my goal but this is my first picture. I love having before pictures of my planned fibers-to-spin and after pictures with the yarn in place of the fiber. This year I am starting with the Southern Cross Fiber (back left) that I started spinning over a year ago for a sweater - only got a partial bobbin spun then the project ended up getting pushed off my radar. The Southern Cross Fiber (back right) is a possibility for the sweater as well. Vine Yoke Cardigan by Ysolda Teague is the sweater I want to knit from these yarns. It is knit side to side so the stripes will be vertical. I have 20 oz of the fiber I am spinning now which will be the body of the sweater - the vine yoke will be in the back right fiber (I have 8 oz of that). The 2 - 4 oz. bunches of fiber in the front left of the basket are Spunky Eclectic Club fibers and the 2 - 4 oz. bunches of fiber in the front right of the basket are Hello Yarn dyed one from a destash and one a gift. If I manage it all, that would be a total of 44oz  - possible but not likely.

Day 18 of TdF and I have yet to finish this post! I have upped my time goal to one hour on work days and 2 on non work days. So far so good. Six days to go and I should finish my sweater fiber. I have the 3 bobbins to the right now complete and a 4th about half done. Also almost the whole 4 oz of Spunky Eclectic June 2013 Club fiber "Vulpes Vulpes" on Targhee  (front left in the first picture) that I am spinning as a single on my Pocket Wheel.  Pictures soon I hope!

Just to up the fiber activity level, finally got Hannah's Wedding Wrap on the 16" Harp. My goal for that is to finish by the end of the month, very doable. I am using Shibui Silk Cloud in Fjord as the warp set at 8 epi. It is 60% mohair so very "sticky" yarn but so so soft and lovely! The warp is bamboo Xie from South West Trading Company, pictured in the cone. My plan is for a very light wt. wrap.
Happy Fibering!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Super Sweet Blogger Award!

I had to start out with a picture and what is sweeter than my sweet dog, Morgan. What a surprise - a blogging award for me! Thank you Carolyn (who blogs as Carolyn Knits)! Carolyn is a talented designer, knitter, and weaver . I am lucky to see her in person at our LYS, Gosh Yarn It for Spin&Knits and special events.
I am a sporadic blogger who started to document my spinning adventures but have ended up including all my fiber activities plus occasional off the track posts like Musicals as a life philosophy .
For this award I need to nominate 12 others and answer the following questions:
1.  Cookies or cake?  Um, pie actually but if I can only choose one of the two - cookies.
2.  Chocolate or vanilla? Depends but most frequently chocolate.

3.  Favorite sweet treat? Pie, pie pie!
4.  When do you get hit with cravings?  Evening - all evening!
5.  Sweet nickname? The only nickname I have ever had was Lindy - given to my by my grandfather who wasn't so familiar with the name Linda but was with Charles Lindbergh who was called Lindy.

My nominations (most do not read my blog but I enjoy theirs!)are, in no special order:
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Monday, May 13, 2013

MDS&W 2013 or My morning with Maggie Casey!

 Linda and Maggie
I always love MDS&W ! I get to visit with cousins and extended family, enjoy the fair and then the "oooohing and ahhhing" over all our purchases after. Such a satisfying weekend! This year we had the best ever weather - sunny but cool enough to wear a wool shawl in the morning at least. I am so use to being too hot at this event. For the first time at MDS&W I took a class. It was with Maggie Casey (pictured with me above), who was so knowledgeable, which I expected but also so charming! What a great teacher, her quiet, relaxed manner while providing instruction made her class one that I not only learned a lot from but that I totally enjoyed.  I do feel that my spinning skills have expanded to include "Big and Lofty Yarns". I have my cousin Elaine to thank for the pictures with Maggie. Elaine brought her camera and suggested the picture. I am so happy she did! Samples from the class below you can see the progression. My defalt spinning is is the purple to the "spin the biggest, lofy yarn you can" in the burnt orange.
Big and Loft class
I kept my purchases down by being in class all morning on Saturday and having to drive home on Sunday, so no second day to the festival. I loved the picture used this year so got that lovely big tote, can retire my shoe box travel lazy Kate now that I have the Katie-a-go-go,  needed the fleece scrub to finish up the breed study club I have piled up in one of my piles at home, and just couldn't leave without a mug! The small bowl (love using them for spices when cooking) was just too tempting.
MDS&W 2013
On the spinning front - still working on the second 6 oz. that is part of my Combo/Extreme Plying project and can't wait to practice what I learned in Maggie Casey's class. Nothing new in knitting or weaving. Fiddlehead Mittens are progressing slowly as is my Tulip Wrap - of course I have plans for what is next!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I love Retreat!

 Spring Retreat 2013
 My spinning guild - Spinner's Web - holds 2 spinning retreats a year. Last year I went to the fall retreat for the first time and had such a great weekend I signed right up for the Spring Retreat last weekend. Another great weekend of spinning and laughing and eating! We had perfect weather, spent Saturday afternoon outside spinning. The picture above is part of the group, the picture below - the rest. I can't wait for our fall retreat!
Spring Retreat 2013 also
I managed to finish spinning the singles for my 2013 Combo/Extreme playing project. Monday night after work I plied - not an easy ply either. I held all three singles together and n plied. The result is a 9 ply. I don't think I would choose to do it again but it was interesting!
A close up of the finished fiber - not washed yet, about worsted wt.
combo-extreme close up
Here is my Jumbo Woollee winder bobbin
combo-extreme plied
And the three singles:
Combo-extreme singles

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Esther Chicken

Chicken 1
Is that cute or what! Knit from Rowan's free pattern - Esther, Ernie and Enid, Easter Chickens and handspun (mainly Southern Cross Fiber) left overs from socks.
"What do you think of my tail?" Chicken 3

"I am watching you!"
Chicken 2

Here is my finished Spunky Eclectic Leno Weaving Club project too
Finished Leno SE