Saturday, February 26, 2011

First Weaving Club

Spunky Eclectic Corriedale
This will be a Spunky Eclectic themed post. I had to start with the fiber I received last week for this month's Spunky Fiber Club - " Mordor" Corriedale. Isn't it outstanding!
Spunky Eclectic started a new club this year for weaving. The plan is for beginner to intermediate projects for the rigid heddle loom using 10 or 12 dent reeds. It sounded like it was made for me (I have both reeds and need to add techniques to my weaving repertoire) so I jumped right in. Good thing I didn't hesitate, the limited spots filled quickly but I got one! Here is the the yarn I received last week for Feb 2011, the first month. We could pick from colorway choices: "
Earth - browns and greens (maybe with some teal too) Wind -Blues and purples, Fire - oranges and reds (maybe with some brown or yellow) Naturals - browns, greys, ecru, and black, or Wild - crazy colors all over the spectrum." I was leaning toward Earth because of the greens of course but picked Wind - I do not want to be too predictable! Of course we can change our colorway choice each quarter so I can try some of the others and Earth will definitely be one I will try. I am thinking I will try them all this first year. This first club month is called Silky Houndstooth. I got this lovely rustic silk yarn and the pattern. YEA Club!
Wind Club 2-11
All warped up!
Silky Houndstooth
I am also spinning my Jan Spunky Eclectic Fiber Club, Fruity Drinks by the Pool - a lovely Merino Bamboo Blend. Still not sure if I will leave it as a single or n ply. There is still time to choose a 2 ply. What to do???
FDBTP in progress

Friday, February 18, 2011

FINISHED projects!

So nice to be able to show something finished as opposed to in planning or in process - lots of that going on too of course! My niece had her baby so I got out the baby hat I had started - only a few rows done and got to work. Completed the main part of the head at my Stitch and Spin group on Thursday evening and was so excited to have started the green leaves at the top, I kept going when I got home until it was done! Just needs a wash and a block but it is so cute I can't stop myself from posting a picture.
Graces Pumpkin Hat Then my Aunt's finished scarf - washed and pressed!
Aunt Elaine's scarfOf course both projects need to be packaged and sent, fingers crossed I don't procrastinate too long on that. I do seem to have problems with snail mail.
Now for a little yarn porn - a new fiber in my LYS - Gosh Yarn It - where Thursday night Stitch and Spin is held. It is Artyarns - Rhapsody (silk and kid mohair). The picture does not do it justice, the colors just shimmer and it is so so soft. No plans for this one but it just begs to be next to the skin.
Finally, some fiber porn - this is January Southern Cross Fibre Club, Falkland in the colorway Paua. This is the second half, first already spun as a single and I am trying to decide if I should leave it as a single or do a 2 ply. Any suggestions? I have pre drafted it a bit and tomorrow I spin!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Problem Solving

I have been frustrated with the results of my last 2 spins -the BFL for Iced is both too heavy weight and I ended up with only half the needed yardage. The yarn for my Aunt's woven scarf, after being washed, was obviously over plied - too much twist! I was pretty bummed after all my busy spinning to have failed on both.
Aunt Elaine's scarf
The lovely Souther Cross Fibre Oatmeal BFL "Babylon" was actually not that hard to fix once I got over the fact that I would have to ball it up, run it through the wheel taking twist OUT, re skein (my least favorite thing about spinning) and re wash. that really did the trick! Ended up with lovely, balance, soft fiber. Started weaving the birthday scarf today and it is moving along quite well. The colors pictured on the scarf aren't quite right but the yarn in the ball is much closer.
Bfl post spa
Considered unplying the BFL but the yarn is just so soft, lovely and really woolly, I will find a different pattern for it, there is #02 Cropped Jacket by Lutz & Patmos in Vogue Knitting (Early Fall 2010) that might fit the bill. I might need to make it a Cropped Vest - will definitely be doing another swatch.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bad weather = spinning progress!

Two days of bad weather provided me with 2 days at home in the middle of the week. What a luxury! Between yesterday and today I spun up the Southern Cross Falkland "Babylon" as a single
Babylon single
then N Plied it for the birthday scarf for my Aunt. I did the Navajo Ply using the regular flier - the single was on the woolee winder. I love how I can see the color changes on the regular bobbin.
Babylon N Ply
I have all the BFL for my Iced Sweater spun at least as far as singles. Here is three jumbo bobbins of 2 ply - need to get one on my niddy-noddy tonight so I can ply those last 2 bobbins of singles.
BFL for Iced
So tonight will be mainly clearing off the bobbins and then I can start a new spinning project!