Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Summer's End

Almost the end of August - Fall is just around the corner - YEA! Autumn is my favorite season and Winter runs a close second. It is the time for woolly warmth! As mentioned in my last post, I just started a new scarf, Love and Prayers, a Carolyn Kern Design. What a fun knit - I have gotten through the first heart repeat:
Love and Prayers Scarf
My October socks (from my year of the socks which was 2008! These were started at the end of October 2010) have reached the light at the end of the tunnel status:
October Socks
They should actually move along a lot faster - they are going on double points tonight! Did not enjoy the magic loop at all.
Finally my First Hello Yarn fiber spun up on my new Pocket Wheel, 472 yards, 28 wpi spun single - can't believe I got that yardage out of 1.6 oz!
Hello Yarn First

Saturday, August 27, 2011

More Weaving

Another Scarf done! This one was the July 2011 Spunky Eclectic Weaving Club project. Lovely soft Merino Wool (picture soon I hope). Next up the August project - something different, washcloths!
Weaving Club August 2011
Still, still, still, knitting the socks. That is the only knitting project I have in the works - until Saturday when I plan to cast on for Carolyn Kern's scarf pattern "Love and Prayers". I love the pattern and have enjoyed following the story on her blog, Carolyn Knits. The pattern was the winner in a contest on Knitcircus, an on line knitting magazine. More links are available on ravelry . Missing my mom so, I get teary eyed every time I read the dedication to her mother. Today Gosh Yarn It is hosting a reception in her honor and kicking off a KAL. Doesn't that sound like fun!
On the spinning front, still working on my 3 ply sock yarn.
Tendrils 1

Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Great Weekend

I have had a wonderful weekend. It included knitting, spinning, weaving and carding! First, have some lovely pictures of the woven scarf I made for my sister's birthday - May 21st (A late gift but much loved anyway!). My local yarn store takes pictures for Finish Object Friday (check out their Blog ) Ann takes stunning pictures as you can see:
Leslie's scarf 1
Leslie's scarf
I now have the Spunky Eclectic July Weaving Club project in the works"
Weaving Club 2011
Some progress on my 2 socks at a time, one one circular needle from the toe up. So far I really miss my double points. Also got some of my first fleece carded. Finished up the Hello Yarn I started as my first Pocket Wheel spin, drying now and worked on spinning more Southern Cross Fibre Jacob, colorway "Tendrils" for my next pair of socks. I will try a friends pattern. TATU Sock Try A Toe Up sock! The fiber is lovely :
Tendrils socks in process
I also got to meet a friend at Gosh Yarn It on Sat to help her pick out yarn for a sweater she is knitting for her first grandchild. All in all a wonderful, satisfying weekend.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Pocket Wheel Touch Down!

My big news - my long awaited Pocket Wheel has arrived. Here is the event! First, the box makes it home:
1 Home!
Opened up - it was very well packed! Then First layer off. Loved the bubble wrap - my favorite color, green.
2 Box Opened
3 Well Packed
Here are my bobbins. Three for the regular flyer one each in Maple, Cherry and Walnut. Three for the Woolee Winder:
4 Bobbins out
All the parts laid out:
5 All out
Couldn't help talking several pictures - still need a real "beauty shot". The red bag is an extra large Lands End zippered bag which holds everything plus!:
6 Finished
7 Together
This one is the most accurate color and shows the lovely cherry in the treadles.
8 Lovely Cherry
The best news - it is such a lovely spin!

Monday, August 8, 2011


I am so lucky to have cousins. Last Saturday I went to the annual Mannings Sit and Knit with my mother's sister's daughter and my father's brother's daughter. What a wonderful day we had, sitting under a tree knitting and chatting. My cousin from my mother's side has been part of my light from day 1 (as I regularly mention to her, she is 59 days older than I am). I lost touch with the cousins from my father's side (there are 2) for about 40 years. It is such a gift to have them in my life again. I just couldn't manage without cousins! Here is a picture of the 3 of us at The Mannings.
Mannings cousins
We did have a picture together from maybe 1953 not quite in the same order, can you tell who is who?
It was a perfect day for Auguest, no sun and a few light showers but we were under a great tree with a great view - on one side grapevines and fields:
Mannings Grapevine
On the other side The Mannings:
Mannings knit 2 Mannings Knit 1
We had a great day!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Climbing Back On

It seems I fell off the Tour de Fleece wagon weekend of the 16th. Must have been a hectic week - I needed a weekend of nothing and I had it! Read all weekend, my escape to the 7 kingdoms and free cities in the "Game of Thrones" series. Feeling much better after my get away and I came back strong. While I didn't finish my 3 pounds I didn't do too badly. So here is the end results:
TdF2011 finish
The total wt spun in 2 pounds 10.5 oz. The singles on the bobbins have been plied since the end of the TdF and everything has had a wash. Planned on taking more pictures but didn't get to it over the weekend. Just for comparison here was my basket of fiber prior to TdF:
TdF 2011 Goal
Now I am back to finishing up the woven scarf project that will go to my sister and the never ending socks (working on the cuff so not too long now). As soon as I finish the cuff increases I will be switching to double points - I miss my double points! I need to knit and weave some of this new yarn soon!