Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Second Week

July 16th will be about the mid point of Tour de Fleece 2011, a few more days. Half of my 3 pound goal has been spun but most of the yarns yet to go will be more time consuming.I am about on track to complete my goals. So here is a picture of where I am now. The 8 oz. of Southern Cross Fiber "Wide Awake" Polwarth has taken up most of this second week so far. That is the beautiful mainly red and blue yarn in the "9 o'clock" position. The bobbin at the top in my current spin - about 2 oz to go on that one.
TdF Day 12
Just for comparison - the basket of fiber before any spinning:
TdF 2011 Goal

Sunday, July 3, 2011

So far so good

Weeping Red Beech with Climbing Roses & grape vine
Had to start with this picture of our lovely Weeping Red Beech that has climbing pink roses and grapevine in it. I plan on getting the grape vine out before it hurts the tree but it is so pretty right now.
So - first 2 days of Tour de Force and 8 oz of Merino Singles. Day one, Southern Cross Fibre "Giza"
Giza TdF Day 1
Day 2 Spunky Eclectic "Night Owls"
Night Owl TdF Day 2
Both are destined to be cozy hats sometime this winter.