Monday, April 9, 2012

Fleece to Finish Breed Study Club

Wensleydale clean
My first Fleece to Finish breed study club from the Spinning Loft! Planned on posting pictures in order but couldn't help showing my favorite first - Close up of scoured Wensleydale.
Here is what I got in the first box (already had the Romney wrapped in netting ready for washing so just a sample here!).
First Fleece to Finish
Inside the notebook there are color coded pages to mount samples on, information about the 2 breeds for this month and some general club info.
Here are some close up of the Wensleydale and the Romney before scouring. The Wensleydale averages a little over 4 inches when pulled out and the Romney over 5 inches.
Wensleydale closeup
Romney Closeup
I got right to work over the weekend and got all the fiber scoured – doesn’t it look beautiful! As I already mentioned, I especially love the Wensleydale, very silky to the touch and so lustrous.
FTF April All scoured
Here is the clean Romney closeup:
Romney clean

By the end of the weekend I had all the Wensleydale prep done. No pictures of that so more in next post.


  1. Oh my gosh! That first picture. Beautiful!!

  2. I can see why the Wensleydale is your favorite. It must feel wonderful to touch!