Monday, May 13, 2013

MDS&W 2013 or My morning with Maggie Casey!

 Linda and Maggie
I always love MDS&W ! I get to visit with cousins and extended family, enjoy the fair and then the "oooohing and ahhhing" over all our purchases after. Such a satisfying weekend! This year we had the best ever weather - sunny but cool enough to wear a wool shawl in the morning at least. I am so use to being too hot at this event. For the first time at MDS&W I took a class. It was with Maggie Casey (pictured with me above), who was so knowledgeable, which I expected but also so charming! What a great teacher, her quiet, relaxed manner while providing instruction made her class one that I not only learned a lot from but that I totally enjoyed.  I do feel that my spinning skills have expanded to include "Big and Lofty Yarns". I have my cousin Elaine to thank for the pictures with Maggie. Elaine brought her camera and suggested the picture. I am so happy she did! Samples from the class below you can see the progression. My defalt spinning is is the purple to the "spin the biggest, lofy yarn you can" in the burnt orange.
Big and Loft class
I kept my purchases down by being in class all morning on Saturday and having to drive home on Sunday, so no second day to the festival. I loved the picture used this year so got that lovely big tote, can retire my shoe box travel lazy Kate now that I have the Katie-a-go-go,  needed the fleece scrub to finish up the breed study club I have piled up in one of my piles at home, and just couldn't leave without a mug! The small bowl (love using them for spices when cooking) was just too tempting.
MDS&W 2013
On the spinning front - still working on the second 6 oz. that is part of my Combo/Extreme Plying project and can't wait to practice what I learned in Maggie Casey's class. Nothing new in knitting or weaving. Fiddlehead Mittens are progressing slowly as is my Tulip Wrap - of course I have plans for what is next!


  1. It sounds like you had a great fiber-y weekend in Maryland! That is a lovely photo of you and Maggie -- Elaine did good!

  2. I enjoyed every minute but it sure is tiring! Need to go into my "prepare for Festival 2014" mode ... and get walking regularly.