Saturday, February 5, 2011

Problem Solving

I have been frustrated with the results of my last 2 spins -the BFL for Iced is both too heavy weight and I ended up with only half the needed yardage. The yarn for my Aunt's woven scarf, after being washed, was obviously over plied - too much twist! I was pretty bummed after all my busy spinning to have failed on both.
Aunt Elaine's scarf
The lovely Souther Cross Fibre Oatmeal BFL "Babylon" was actually not that hard to fix once I got over the fact that I would have to ball it up, run it through the wheel taking twist OUT, re skein (my least favorite thing about spinning) and re wash. that really did the trick! Ended up with lovely, balance, soft fiber. Started weaving the birthday scarf today and it is moving along quite well. The colors pictured on the scarf aren't quite right but the yarn in the ball is much closer.
Bfl post spa
Considered unplying the BFL but the yarn is just so soft, lovely and really woolly, I will find a different pattern for it, there is #02 Cropped Jacket by Lutz & Patmos in Vogue Knitting (Early Fall 2010) that might fit the bill. I might need to make it a Cropped Vest - will definitely be doing another swatch.


  1. Oh my, The scarf is beautiful. And I love the BFL as well. Guess all that snow gave you some quality fiber time.

  2. I love the scarf, was glad to see the finished progect. Way to cool. Kathy