Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bad weather = spinning progress!

Two days of bad weather provided me with 2 days at home in the middle of the week. What a luxury! Between yesterday and today I spun up the Southern Cross Falkland "Babylon" as a single
Babylon single
then N Plied it for the birthday scarf for my Aunt. I did the Navajo Ply using the regular flier - the single was on the woolee winder. I love how I can see the color changes on the regular bobbin.
Babylon N Ply
I have all the BFL for my Iced Sweater spun at least as far as singles. Here is three jumbo bobbins of 2 ply - need to get one on my niddy-noddy tonight so I can ply those last 2 bobbins of singles.
BFL for Iced
So tonight will be mainly clearing off the bobbins and then I can start a new spinning project!


  1. From the looks of the weather maps I could tell you guys were getting hit with big snow. Glad it was productive. Beautiful yarn.

  2. Whoa, look at all those full bobbins! Busy spinner!