Friday, June 24, 2011

It's Coming! It's Coming!

Tour de Fleece is coming (TOMORROW!) and I am excited. This will be my third year participating. Every year I see my skills jump from daily spinning, something I normally find hard to do but for Tour de Fleece, I just do it. My fiber picks for this year are:
TdF 2011 Goal
That includes Southern Cross Fibre (20 oz), Spunky Eclectic 12 oz), Hello Yarn (4 oz), then 4 oz each from Bitsy, Gilead Farm,and the ball in the middle is from Handspun by Stefania who uses all natural dyes. Isn't it a lovely, colorful group of fibers! More information as I spin each fiber during the TdF.
I checked back and found that in 2009 I did 2 pounds 10 oz. - 3,035 yards. Year 2, 2010, was 2 pounds 9 oz. - 2317 yards. I think the reduction in wt and yards was due to the fact that 2 pounds of my spinning went into a 2 ply. This year I was again aiming for 3 pounds but I think I will change that to spinning for a minimum of an hour a day. I am also hoping my new travel wheel - a Pocket Wheel - comes during the TdF so I can spin on it for the first time but I am still "in production" with that. haven't moved to the finishing booth then there is "final testing". I plan on spinning my first 4 oz. of Hello Fiber, my first CVM, I think my first Mohair.Cooperworth mix. Since last weekend my treat has been to pick out the fiber to spinning during TdF. Nothing like a good stash dive!

I was lucky enough to score another 4 oz. of Tendrils (pictured last post) from a destash so I will in fact end up with enough fiber for socks! That spin will have to wait until after the TdF unless I power my way through the 3 pounds early.


  1. Such a beautiful picture. You will certainly be busy.

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  3. It really is a lovely, colorful group of fibers! Just like the cyclists, you have trained,and you are ready... best wishes on tomorrow's "Grand Start"!