Monday, May 21, 2012

Aprils Breed study Finished

May has been so busy so far! I am having problems with my computer at home - not working with the card reader so that has slowed me down with posts. So, to start getting caught up - my finished Breed Study for April. I went all out for the first month and did 3 preps for each fiber. Neither of them had a lot of lanolin and were easy to scour. I clumped each breed in some bags and scoured.
April Breed Study Wensleydale
I always love spinning Wensleydale but this was my first experience with scouring it and the prep. I was surprised how short is was - due to 6 months growth I was told. It was so silky and lovely to touch! I combed, flicked and drum carded. Didn't like the drum carded stuff at all but I think I left too much "bad" stuff in - have to keep in mind - the sheep will grow more! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the combed prep (top sample) - perfect for the Wensleydale. I liked the flicked a lot too - I think I need more experience with flicking. I had to include a few washed but not prepped locks - this fiber just shines!
April Breed Study Romney
The Romney seems like an extremely versatile fleece. I combed, flicked and hand carded this one. My favorite was the rolags from the hand carding (middle sample) - so light and airy. Again, I think I would like the flicked fiber once I get more experience with the flicker, and combing was a nice prep for it too.
I do now have a small woven sample of each breed but no pictures yet. Both are nice but the drape and shine in the Wendsleydale sample is fantastic!


  1. Great pictures. And they were wonderful in person - at least the ones I saw during your recent visit .

    1. You saw all to date! Only have gotten as far as scouring May Club - Polwarth and Corriedale, yum!