Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My Sweater from scratch - dying & blending the wool

My finished batts:
My Batts
In an effort to get a red with depth I first kettle dyed the wool (the Corriedale Fleece I got at MDS&W in 2010 - my first fleece) with three colors of Greener Shades - Ruby red (main color), Fire Red and Black. This is the fiber on the left half of the below picture. The resulting color was good but there was not as much variety as I wanted so I dyed some more fiber with the Fire Red (top right corner) and some more with Amethyst Purple (bottom right corner). The main color was all carded first then I then drum carded the three together to blend the red of my dreams! Each little nest is about 8 grams main color, 4 fire red and 2 amethyst purple.
SFS 2 colors carded once


  1. I fondly remember that first fleece! It was beautiful in its natural state. It is striking in this new color.

  2. Beautiful color! You are a master fiber artist!
    It will be a treat to see the yarn you spin and then the sweater.