Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tour de Fleece 2013

Started spinning on day one - my goal this year is at least a half hour each work day and at least an hour on non work days - and have been meeting my goal but this is my first picture. I love having before pictures of my planned fibers-to-spin and after pictures with the yarn in place of the fiber. This year I am starting with the Southern Cross Fiber (back left) that I started spinning over a year ago for a sweater - only got a partial bobbin spun then the project ended up getting pushed off my radar. The Southern Cross Fiber (back right) is a possibility for the sweater as well. Vine Yoke Cardigan by Ysolda Teague is the sweater I want to knit from these yarns. It is knit side to side so the stripes will be vertical. I have 20 oz of the fiber I am spinning now which will be the body of the sweater - the vine yoke will be in the back right fiber (I have 8 oz of that). The 2 - 4 oz. bunches of fiber in the front left of the basket are Spunky Eclectic Club fibers and the 2 - 4 oz. bunches of fiber in the front right of the basket are Hello Yarn dyed one from a destash and one a gift. If I manage it all, that would be a total of 44oz  - possible but not likely.

Day 18 of TdF and I have yet to finish this post! I have upped my time goal to one hour on work days and 2 on non work days. So far so good. Six days to go and I should finish my sweater fiber. I have the 3 bobbins to the right now complete and a 4th about half done. Also almost the whole 4 oz of Spunky Eclectic June 2013 Club fiber "Vulpes Vulpes" on Targhee  (front left in the first picture) that I am spinning as a single on my Pocket Wheel.  Pictures soon I hope!

Just to up the fiber activity level, finally got Hannah's Wedding Wrap on the 16" Harp. My goal for that is to finish by the end of the month, very doable. I am using Shibui Silk Cloud in Fjord as the warp set at 8 epi. It is 60% mohair so very "sticky" yarn but so so soft and lovely! The warp is bamboo Xie from South West Trading Company, pictured in the cone. My plan is for a very light wt. wrap.
Happy Fibering!


  1. Great work, Linda. My own progress seems puny by comparison. Working with lace weight yarn with a size one needle - it is like running in place and not getting anywhere. I am getting some inches on Leslie sweater but, still ....

  2. Hi Linda! I really enjoy your before (fiber) and after (yarn) photos. I will look forward to them and then the finished sweater!