Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Catch up August

It has been a busy summer with a busy Fall ahead so I had better catch up now!  I met my final TdF goal of a minimum of one hour spinning on work days and 2 hours on non work days. My pile of fiber was over ambitious as usual and still no picture of finished yarn!
Aren't they cute!
My lovely niece was married last weekend - time leading up to that event was stretched thin. Pictured with her husband on the ship that was the venue. She and her husband are now on their way back to Korea where they both teach English. I wove her a light wt. Summer wrap but the only picture I managed was after warping with Silk Cloud. The weft was that cone of Xie at the right top of the picture. I beat very lightly which resulted in many "waves" in the weft but a very light weight fabric.
Hannah's Wedding Wrap - the start!
 Guess I don't have to feel bad I didn't get my sister's wrap even warped. Another project still in my queue!
I finished my Birthday Maroo Mitts, pattern by  Ambah O'Brian:
Birthday Maroo Mitts
Also finished my Fiddlehead mitten liners. The liner mittens were a learning experience, next pair of lined mittens I will take better care to get a better fit but I do love them, finished pictures soon!

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  1. What a lovely wedding it must have been!
    Congrats on completing your TdF goals!