Sunday, August 25, 2013

Fiber packed fall ahead!

Finished Fiddleheads
Finished Fiddleheads with lining
Finished Fiddlehead Mittens -(I would say this is the last of their pictures but I plan on taking them to SAFF for my "Taking Pictures of Your Projects" class with Franklin Habit).  I just love them and the color work is fun to do. The liners went pretty quickly but were boring. I didn't take enough care with the size but they work. I will do better on my next pair - now to pick out the pattern!

I seem to have activities scheduled almost every weekend until the end of October! I am not sure why I am so surprised since I did all the scheduling/committing but I am. Yesterday was a whole day of basket weaving. I took a class organized by a spinning guild member (thank you Mina!). Started the process at 10:00 and stayed until it was finished at about 6:00.
Morgan and my basket Basket bottom and Spunky Eclectic Apr ‘13 Club - Seashells - oatmeal BFL
The yarn with the basket is Spunky Eclectic Apr ‘13 - Seashells - oatmeal BFL spun single for Taygete, one of Rosemary Hill's lovely shawl patterns. Just started the second fiber for that pattern,
Chameleon from Oct. 2012 SCF Batt Club in BFL/Silk.

TdF2013 This is a picture of my finished yarn from Tour de Fleece - The big bunch is for a "Vine Yoke Sweater". It is Southern Cross Fiber Polwarth from a sale "lot 86", 26 oz.. The 4 oz on the left is Spunky Eclectic "Not so Seaworthy" Wenslydale.
 I am combining 2 colorways into one yarn to knit the yolk on the Vine Yoke sweater, Lot 86 will be the body. So far only a picture of the 2 fibers drafted together. I took the pictures on a beautiful day spinning at a B&B with some Spinning Guild friends last weekend.
Aug2013 combo fibers Aug2013 combo fibers drafted together both are Southern Cross Fiber, the dark green is Shetland and Silk"Night in a Forest" and the batts are Merino/Silk/Cashmere "Teeming". Will have to wait to see how the resulting yarn looks with Lot 86.
My knitting has been focused on a little baby blanket for a niece's baby, Debbie Bliss "32 Triangle Edge Blanket" .
YAY Fall!


  1. Magnificent Mittens!!! I appreciate your level of fiber artistry, as I know that you made the yarn that you used to knit the mittens!
    Though I like all of the yarn photos as well, I love best the photo of your sweet dog with your lovely hand woven basket!

    1. Thanks Carolyn - Morgan is a sweet dog.

  2. Beautiful basketry and gorgeous spinning and knitting. I've had those mitts in my queue for far too long - you've inspired me to knit a pair this year, maybe with some of my own handspun!

    1. You should! It is such a nice pattern. I enjoyed knitting it so much I will probably knit a second pair.