Friday, January 1, 2010

Another First Day

January 1, 2010 - wow, a new year with another shot on resolutions. Spinning and knitting goals set for the year along with a healthier life style. 2009 seemed like a hard year - not sorry to see it gone. I am going to give blogging another go too. Spending the first day of the year spinning and knitting - YEA! I have some lovely alpaca given to me for Christmas by Mackenzie. I am still overwhelmed with her gift - 3 10 oz. balls of Alpaca. The one I am spinning today I may end up plying with one or two Southern Cross Fibres ("Deep Thought" in oatmeal BFL -the one with browns and/or "Ulyssyes" in Merino/Cashmere) for the Plying Games thread activities. The Alpaca is almost a perriwinkle (the picture of it alone is more accurate), very bright and very soft. This is my first only alpaca spinning experience and it is lovely to spin. I am still working on Christmas knitting, socks for Chris.
I am excited about all the new things I have to learn about spinning and knitting. I am also planning on setting up my loom as soon at the Christmas tree comes down. Weaving ahead for this year too. Sounds like a fun year ahead.

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  1. Great color combos! Please post progress pics.