Monday, January 11, 2010


Lots of knitting going on - 5 projects on the needles and at Thursday night sit&knit I will be starting my Ulmus shawl. In addition to all this knitting I seem to be having trouble focusing on one spinning project. I have been spinning an alpaca single (pictured to the left) for a possible future Plying Games project even though I have settled on how I will spin Plying Games Project 2. I will use Southern Cross Fibre "Funhouse" (Falkland) and "Katoomba" (Polwarth) , each will be spun in 2 singles, fractal spinning, for a 4 ply. I am really excited about this but had already started sampling the alpaca by the time I decided. I really didn't like including the Spunkey Eclectic "Istanbul Sunset" (South African Fine) which I sampled too, that seemed to wash out the colors. Just as well since I plan to ply that with SCF "Cockatoo" (Tussah Silk) - maybe project 3? The Alpaca will be plied with SCF "Deep Thought" - yikes, Plying Games project 4. ANYWAY, here is the picture of all my sampling for Plying Games Project 2:

Now to just get busy and SPIN!

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  1. The colors are really beautiful. Still resisting the spinning bug, but there is a new book out called Respect the Spindle - I think it also has a DVD. I might consider those just to sample the ideas.

    Great work Linda.