Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Another start

My cousin has inspired me to start blogging again. I am really enjoying checking in each day to see what she is up to.
What have I been up to ? - spinning of course. The fibers to the right were spun during the Tour de Fleece last month. My fist sweater lot in one go - 2 pounds of Spunky Eclectic "Champagne" plus 4 oz each of Southern Cross Fibre "Double Dog Dare", "Angelfish" and "Bluestone". Only managed an oz of "Bluestone" before the end of the TdF but it is finished now. My goal had been 3 pounds spun - ended up with 2 pounds 9 oz. and 2317 yards. Pretty close! Here is my original fiber plan:

My plan changed along the way. The Hades" combo (Red and Dk Brown) is waiting for the additional 8 oz. I ordered so I can spin for another shawl. The 2 fibers in the left of the lid are getting spun up now - they will be plied with the 2 singles pictured on the bobbins for a 4 ply.
I have also joined the 4 Oz. Challenge on ravelry - design and knit (crochet or weave) a project with 4 oz. of fiber. I do have a plan I will be sharing at a later date. Also joined the Annis KAL - luckily I had that project started already so I stand a chance of getting it completed by the end of September - not so sure I will make that deadline for the design project.
This Saturday is The Mannings sit & Knit. Looking forward to a cousin get together with spinning and knitting!


  1. Beautiful pictures, inspiring progress! Thanks for posting!

  2. Woo, hoo!!! Glad to see you back. And an inspiring lot of spinning. You are an inspiration to a new spinner - meaning me! My wheel probably needs adjustments and oiling, but that will have to wait until I see you on Saturday as I am totally booked up between now and then with dog sitting. Grimace is FINALLY settled (it is now 11:20 pm), guess the pain pill finally did the trick. He has been such a sad little guy. Brings out all my mothering instincts. I will have them tomorrow and then starting Thursday I wll have Milo - the energizer bunny - so my maiden voyage will be Saturday. See you then.