Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Never enough time!

Work takes too much time away from fiber activities and the blog writing ends up near the end of the list (definitely before house work - LOL). I was determined to get in at least 2 blogs a month - it is today or fail!

Lots of fiber activity since last post. Finished the Annis Shawl (pictured with my sweet Toby, not a cooperative poser - always lays down! Also a picture of it blocked) - a KAL with the Southern Cross Fiber group on ravelry. I was pretty pleased with the 2 ply I spun (one single Bombyx Silk and on BFL/Silk - both in the Southern Cross Fiber colorway "Green Tea") and happy with the drape and feel of the fabric BUT the cast on edge (started with the lace edge) was not loose enough and after one wearing the small points I was able to block into the shawl were just about gone. Next time I block it I will block for a scalloped edge. Not a huge deal I guess and definitely a leaning exercise!

Also completed was spinning the last,single, that will be a 4 ply, not plied yet. I have spun a worsted weight single (to be used in the 4 Ounce Challenge! Another ravelry group project. Pictured to the right) I have done some work on my design, Ocean Waves Cowl) which is a part of the challenge. The goal is to have more patterns available for knitting out of 4 oz. of handspun. I have been working on a cowl design that will highlight the color changes in handpainted, handspun yarn. This is my first design project and very exciting, more learning! I have until the end of September to finish that project.

I am back to knitting my Featherweight Sweater - started Sept. 18, 2009! Time to finish that one - would be great to take along to the Outer Banks (Sept 12!) that is my deadline for that project. Need to get some of these projects completed - I am picking up a used table loom in Kitty Hawk during my vacation so will have more projects underway! Should I mention the 1 and 3/4 pounds of handpainted fiber I got in the mail last week???

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  1. Oh my God, that picture of Toby in the shawl is priceless. And the shawl is pretty darn wonderful too. I love the pictures all of them. I started another hobby just this morning - a Weave It. I will blog about it, but I am rather enthralled with it - of, course what I don't need is ANOTHER HOBBY!

    Keep blogging, keep walking, keep spinning, keep knitting, keep weaving, ditch the job (well, maybe that isn't possible - but ... )

    Wish I could join you guys at the beach, but that isn't possible either.

    Take care.