Sunday, August 8, 2010

Family, Fiber and Fun!

6:00 on Sunday - I am tired but happy. It has been a weekend full of family and fiber fun. A lightning fast Saturday at The Mannings Handweaving School and Supply Center (trying to get that name to stick in my mind!) at their annual knit in with 3 cousins. One brought her brand new wheel and had her maiden spin on it! I just can't believe how fast the day went. I always want our time together to last longer. Got home today in time to unload my car and leave for my Spinning Guild where I finished single 3 of what will be a four ply - 4 oz. per single. I also managed to finish the last nupp row on my Annis shawl. No pictures of either of those projects so here is the yarn I finished after TdF - Southern Cross Fibers Merino "Bluestone"

I am thinking I will use this thick&thin fiber for a cowl pattern that I am trying to design. This will be my first pattern. It is turning out to be much harder than I thought it would. The 4 oz. Challenge's goal is to increase the available patterns that you can make after spinning 4 oz. of fiber. This merino is so soft it will be great around the neck!

Keep spinning!

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  1. Beautiful beautiful yarn! You really do have a gift for this. I feel the same way about SAturday. Gone too soon. Hope we can get something scheduled for the fall. i will get an email out about scheduling something soon.