Thursday, January 6, 2011

Projects, Projects, Projects

I just don't seem to be happy unless I have lots of projects in process. Here it is, the beginning of 2011 and I am running true to form! In Knitting there is the lace KAL I have recently started, pictured above (ravelry group Southern Cross Fiber Haruni). I just love this yarn I spun as part of Plying Games and so glad the yardage looks right for this shawl. Then there are my October socks - on hold when I started knitting christmas gifts, still waiting but should be a good October Socks 1mindless knit for social knitting. A pumpkin hat just barely started for a niece whose
baby is due at the end of Feb.Classic Elite I had better get that one moved along! I have another friend who is pregnant but not due until March - have the yarn but haven't started that one yet. Then there is my September socks - started last March but left sitting in this yarn Koigu KPM They are the lovely Rivendell socks by Janel Laidman and I do love this project, not social knitting for sure.
In spinning there is a sweater project front and center. BFL in mixed natural colors for an Iced sweater. This is a KSL/KAL in ravelry group Spunky Eclectic. BFL Iced Bobbin At least until the spinning is done it wont go into the knitting queue! LOTS of fiber in my stash just waiting to jump on the spinning wheel. I think after I finish the sweater lot I will treat myself to a quick spin with 4 oz. of handpainted loveliness - but which one????
Now for the weaving. Have located some yarn to finish the project that came with my 4 harness Leclerc Dorothy and have a warp on the warping board for 2 scarf projects. The warp is white wool and I think this skein of Claudia Handpainted wool/silk will make a lovely scarf.
Last Nights Wine In the mail is a 16 inch RH loom that I plan on using for small projects out of hand spun. My first project on that loom is still marinating in my brain.
Now that I have written it down, doesn't seem like all that much.


  1. Wow, busy woman! Such beautiful colors and textures - especially your "plying games" yarn. Lovely!

  2. Ditto ditto. I can't keep up with you. I am working on a pair is socks I started in 2009. Yes, 2 years ago.