Saturday, January 29, 2011


I realized I named my last post "Spinning in Maryland" then all my pictures were weaving so a few spinning pictures today. Actually spent most of my time today making plans, checking stash, taking some pictures, looking for the fiber I traded last week so I could mail it on Monday. So, my current spinning project continues - the silky BFL for the Iced sweater.
BFL Iced sample1 I did an actual gauge swatch, plied a little up and knitted! BFL Iced swatch1Turned out I was spinning it a little bulky so I have knocked it back a bit.
Spinning/Weaving coming up with these fiber/yarns.2ND RH Project The commercially spun Silk/Merino in the center will be the warp and I will spin the beautiful Oatmeal BFL from independent dyer Southern Cross Fiber in a fingering wt single for the weft. This scarf will be for my Aunt who has a birthday next month (shhhhh, it is a surprise - especially since I may not get it by her birthday). I really enjoyed her interest when I visited last weekend.
Here is Spunky Eclectic January 2011 club fiber - Merino/Bamboo "Fruity Drinks by the Pool". Fruity Drinks by the PoolIt already spoke to me - eventually it will be a shawl for one of my sister in laws.
Finally I have a current picture of my Haruni shawl. I am on the second of four repeats in chart A. Haruni jan29This isn't going fast but progress is being made. The socks and baby hat I am working on are going even slower - LOL.
So, plans made - now to accomplish them!

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  1. Oh, Linda, Your pictures and projects are always inspiring. I need to try taking pictures on a white background like you did. They really make things pop.

    I am also moving forward on things - alittle of this and alittle of that. But my progress is slow. But I am content with what I am doing right now. It is all I can manage with other non-crafting stuff.

    But I so enjoy seeing your project progress.

    And your secret is safe with me!

    Love you bunches. Elaine