Wednesday, April 13, 2011

March Weaving Project: Felted Scarf - Done!

My head cold improving but hung in there for a second week AND I had to go away for work a few days - both has had impact on my fiber fun this week but here and there some fiber activity took place. I am working on my Spunky Eclectic Weaving Club March 2011 project. This was a fun technique and weaves up pretty fast. I used the nuno felting process (project rolled up in bubble wrap after being sprayed with hot, soapy water and rolled back and forth to felt). Here is the finished scarf!
March Weaving Club finished
And a little on the process. first with the spacers in while weaving:
finished with spacers close up
Then with the spacers all out but still on the loom:
finished with shuttle
Off the loom:
Off the loom close up
Almost ready to roll up for felting - bubble wrap on bottom, then scarf, then covered with netting & sprayed with soapy water:
Close up of felted scarf! I rolled the scarf around a rolling pin and rolled back and forth long enough to get it sticking together, finished in a bowl with my felting plunger (not to be confused with the bathroom plunger!!!). I decided to stop felting while I could still see the weaving structure.
Felted Scarf close up 2
Should have a finished baby hat by next weekend and at a minimum the second bobbin of Mordor which will be plied with a a dark grey Wenslydale.


  1. Oh my gosh Linda, you always blow me away with your projects. I feel like such a lump compared to you. I think I had exactly 1 year (2009) in which I was truely productive with my crafting. You are such an inspiration.

    Keep getting well. I will accept NO excuses for not coming to Sheep and Wool - even if you have to wear a mask. No excuses!!!!!

    Love you. Elaine

    PS - OK, maybe if you had a death in the family or something .... but we aren't going down that road!!!

  2. Linda, what a beautiful scarf. I love it, love the bubble wrap. Very cool. and impressive. Kathy

  3. Great pictures! Beautiful scarf!

  4. Oh my stars! Linda, this is gorgeous!

  5. Oh... Linda, that's a gorgeous scarf!

    Thanks for stopping by. I just read your comment--a very clever conclusion ;-))