Thursday, April 28, 2011

Love a three ply!

I have my singles set, 2 bobbins of Spunky Eclectic Feb 2011 Club Fiber, Corriedale, in colorway Mordor and one bobbin of Wensleydale fiber in a natural dark grey.
Mordor Plus Singles
And all plied! Mordor Plus 3 ply
I have started the Blueberry Baby Hat for my friend Nancy's first grandson. Nancy's dtr. has great hair, red and curly. I keep thinking how nice it would look on a red head, but really, these Berry Baby Hats are so freaking cute! Pictures soon
The April 2011 Spunky weaving club project is underway, well I did spend some time last weekend on it. Got the yarn beamed and the shuttle wound but never got back to it to finish the threading. Too busy with spinning I guess!
Weaving Club April 2011
Here is this month's fiber purchases and one trade. SCF Mixed Jacob "Tendrils"
Had to add David's picture to show the real colors!
SE BFL "Nightmare", this picture does not show the fiber correctly at all, it is mostly dark with just a bit of the colors seen.
And my trade where I got my first 4 oz. of Hello Yarn 50% Superfine Merino Wool / 50% Tencel "Air"
Looking forward to MDS&W! I will get to visit the Pocket Wheel people, mine should be coming sometime in June!!!!

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  1. As usual you pictures are wonderful and your spinning creations are lovely.

    Can't wait to see you.