Monday, April 25, 2011

YEA! A new dog!

This is going to be a short one, missed getting one out over the weekend but it was a great weekend - Morgan, our new 9 year old Australian Shepard, arrived on Friday. I am so happy to have her. I do need a dog in my life and she is perfect for us! No good pictures yet but I have to share the one I took on Easter. The flash washed out the color some but I do love her alert expression.
The 3 day weekend was also a fiber weekend Spinning, knitting and weaving took place. The only picture of all that I have is the baby hat I finished for a coworker last week. Clair's hat
It came out so cute I have started another one in a deep blue for a friends first grandchild. It will be a blueberry hat! Also got my April Weaving Project on the loom, finished spinning my second bobbin of Mordor and started a bobbin of dark grey wensleydale that will be the third ply (with the 2 plys of Mordor). So a busy and very satisfying weekend!

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  1. I love both pictures and maybe one day I can meet that beautiful face in person.