Monday, September 12, 2011

Endless Mountain Fiber Festival

I can't believe I took my camera and only managed to get pictures during the needle felting class I took. It was a wonderful day! Saturday was sunny with a little breeze so it wasn't too hot. I spun with my Spinning Guild, shopped (got several lovely things that will be their own post when I get pictures), visited with animals (sheep, lamas, rabbits and alpacas) and took this needle felting class:
NeedleFelting Class
As you can see we are having a lot of fun! There were some students missing due to all the flooding, some people couldn't get anywhere with the roads that were closed. Some vendors weren't able to make it either but thanks to the ones who did! The instructors, Karin and Mina, did a great job:
I really enjoyed the class as well as the entire day. I hadn't gone in several years because this is the start of the week I am usually at the Outer Banks with family but I messed up this year and agreed to two days of away meetings for work. I have next year's beach week on my calendar already!
Having Fun
This is my project in process. I think it will end up being a pin.
NeedleFelt heart
So I left the class with the skills and tools to do more needle felting - I think I have enough wool supplies!


  1. Love the pictures and love seeing your smiling face. It did look like you were having fun.

  2. What a pretty little project! It does look like you had a lot of fun!