Saturday, September 17, 2011

Good Tools

I have always enjoyed getting the tools needed for any art/craft/project/activity. There are always tools that are beautiful as well as functional. Here are some beautiful little tools recently purchased from Fred Hatton at the Endless Mountain Fiber Festival. A lovely supported spindle out of Purple Heart:
First Support spindle
Then a new wheel hook out of Tulip Wood and a lovely shuttle, unfortunately I forgot the name of the wood.
Endless Mt Fiber Festival
They are all just so beautiful to look at - love having the combination of beauty and function.
I started a sweater out of yarn I spun for Tour de Fleece in 2010 - Spunky Eclectic mixed wool colorway "Champagne". The sweater pattern is Corinne by Crystal Erb Junkins. I have a picture of the very beginning and I have about 5 times as much done already. I am hoping for a fast knit since I would like this to be my Rheinbeck sweater. I has an interesting vertical construction knit from the front left edge around - love those vertical stripes!
Champagne started
I have three heart repeats done (first ball) of my Love and Prayers Scarf, that was moving along pretty well before I started the sweater.
Almost forgot the Fiber! I got 3 pounds of Teesdale at EMFF in addition to the tools. Some day, another sweater!


  1. Wonderful pictures. I love the fiber colors - they look natural, yes?

    And I have favorited the sweater pattern. I am always looking for side ways designs.

  2. Oh, one more thing. I cast on two sweaters this weekend. Progress will be picture worthy in about a week.

  3. I love the handmade tools. I wonder is that purple the natural color of the wood?
    Sweaters are my favorite. I am glad to see that you are making one, and I will enjoy watching your progress.