Thursday, September 8, 2011

Finally Finished!

I started these socks at the end of last October as part of my year of one-pair-of-socks-a-month (the year I started was 2008 so I am so far behind there that I don't care anymore!) there is no reason they took so long to finish except I really do not like cable needles. They make sense - easy to take along, I can't drop them in the car or out somewhere, doing 2 at a time keeps all my modifications the same on each sock, but - I just don't enjoy using them. I love double points, just nothing like having a hand full of needles! I appreciate feeling the connection with all the knitters from the past. I don't plan on fighting this feeling, my next socks will be on double points!
October Socks
So where are these so-long-in-the-making socks you ask. This post was waiting for a stunning picture taken by Ann Ross at Gosh Yarn It for Finished Object Friday but my lovely LYS is a few blocks from the Susquehanna river and in the evacuation area - so no S&S tonight. Think positive thoughts for them and all the people (including several usual S&S knitters) who are hoping to get back home soon to undamaged homes! I am home from work, on top of my mountain. Our road has been washed out some but I had no trouble getting up the road.


  1. From up on my mountain on the other side of the Susquehanna, I have similar thoughts. It is sad to see all the flooding in areas not protected by the dike system. I hope that the knitters forced to evacuate do get to go home soon to no damage, and I also pray for those nearby who have lost so much.

  2. I am almost finished my socks that I began in January 2010. I am focused on getting that done before I cast on for a sweater which I am itching to do.

    So glad to hear that you are OK. West Pittston was on our news last night and I was going to email to see how you were doing. I knew you were high up so I wasn't too worried.

    I, too, feel badly for those who get flooded out. Hurricanes, earthquakes, floods ... think someone is trying to send a message :-)