Saturday, January 7, 2012

Knitting in 2012

Actually, the knitting was the end of 2011 but I seem to have missed taking pictures of a lot of my Christmas knitting. Here are the fingerless gloves, Autumn Mitts, I knitted for my sister out of hand spun 2 ply Shetland from Spunky Eclectic a club fiber in the colorway Pomegranate. The pattern is Leafy Mitts by Ruth Stewart
Autumn Leaves
I also took a picture of my finished Corinne sweater with the crocheted neckline to keep it from stretching. I am so happy with how it now feels - I wear it regularly and am in the process of picking out the fiber for my next hand spun sweater!
Finished sweater!
Still spinning SCF Tendrils for my next socks and have fiber beamed on my Harp - just need to finish the threading.
Have to love a month that starts with lots of fiber fun!


  1. Beautiful projects! I love seeing the yarn you make and how you use it!

  2. Wonderful. Your projects are always beautifully done. And in person they are even better. Especially the spinning.

    See you next weekend.