Sunday, January 1, 2012


As I was responding to some compliments on pictures I had posted in ravelry I glanced down the list of individuals I was including in my post: New Orleans, Texas, England, Wisconsin, Australia. The internet is just amazing! When I heard about the earthquake in Virginia near DC this year I emailed friends and family in the area. Many responded almost immediately since they got the messages on smart phones. I visualize all these contacts as a globe with arcs from each individual connecting them to me - all part of my community. I just love it! I do believed all life on earth is connected - how nice that with the web we can have contact and exchanges too!
Happy 2012 all!


  1. Interesting comment ... I am in the middle of the Outlander Series - by Diana Gabladon ( probably spelled that last name wrong), and it takes place in the 1700s when communication was exceeding slow if possible at all.

    I would much rather "visit" that time by reading a book, than live through that time. Medical care is one reason - and communication between people is another.

    Happy New Year to you my dear cousin. See you soon.

  2. It is a very connected world we are living in. It is great to make connections with others who have the same fiber-y interests! Happy New Year!