Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Swatches Swatches!

For the Southern Cross Fibre & Friends SAL/KAL I have been working on spinning swatches that I then knit up. I still want to wash and block them but I have made a decision. First the pictures. Here they are knitted(woolly on the left - n ply on the right:
Jan 2012 SAL knit swatch
Here they are spun and washed (woolly on the top - n ply on the bottom):
2012 SAL/KAL
I wanted a woolly airy yarn and even though my eyes love the n plied samples - the 2 ply is what I want for this project. Ha - I also got gauge with that one!
Similarly with the felted samples I did for Hannah's Hat - I am not choosing the one my eye loves the best but the one that looks more like Hannah. The one with blue.
Hannah swatch 2
Felting swatch1
I really see how helpful swatches are in so much more than just gauge!


  1. Good decisions, all!
    We can learn so much when we swatch!

  2. Gorgeous spinning! Thw woolly one will make a lovely sweater.