Monday, November 26, 2012

Some Progress

Fiddlehead mittens colorwork
Promised project info! I was making good progress on spinning my Southern Cross Fibre semi sold colors for my Fiddle Head Mittens (as you can see) but seem to have gotten bogged down with holiday activities. Thanksgiving week at the condo was wonderful - the weather very good and the ocean is always fascinating to me. It was a record year for numbers  - there were 21 at Thanksgiving. Dinner at my sister-in-laws. A three table meal! No pictures of the group or of the beautiful Children (there are now 3 with a forth arriving next month!) but I do have an ocean shot taken with my android tablet. You can see the grasses still flattened out from being washed over by the ocean during Sandy.
Thanksgiving Beach
Now I have my artificial tree dug out and the huge box is sitting in the living area. Lots of disrupted piles to go through too. Hope to get back to spinning soon - Happy Holidays all!


  1. Very pretty colors for your mittens. Lucky you at the beach. Happy Holidays and enjoy the preparation!

  2. Thanks giving sounds grand. And with the beach - it sounds perfect.