Tuesday, November 13, 2012

What I need for a weekend away

What you need
I went away for a long weekend to the beach. It was a get together for weaving family and friends (although not everyone chose to weave). We had a great time! I discovered I need quite a list of tools for such a weekend. Believe it or not - I actually edited the original pile! It was billed as a weaving weekend so I brought my 16" Harp (folded up on the top right) and my brand new 10" cricket purchased at my local yarn store, Gosh Yarn It. I had borrowed and Easy Weaver loom to use in a demonstration, that came along so I could get that project finished and off the loom. I recently got that cute hand held  Hockett Loom (leaning up between the Pocket Wheel and the Harp) so of course that had to come. I recently started doing more spindling so my spindle basket with assorted spindles came. The little niddy noddy would be handy if I did some spinning with the bag of sample fibers unspun yet from Fiber Fallout on my lovely Pocket Wheel.  Couldn't leave home without one knitting project so a scarf in progress came along. This picture is main tools and doesn't include additional fiber, yarns, and other accessories!
The project on the Easy Weaver got finished thanks to my sister who did the rest of the weaving. I hemstitched and cut the project off the loom. It is waiting to be felted. I warped my Harp with the current Weaving Club project from Spunky Eclectic, the Cricket got a scarf warped and almost completely woven (I did finish it on Monday night). It now only needs wet finishing and maybe fringe twisting. I did spindle a little and knitted a little. The only tool that didn't get used was my Pocket Wheel but really, why not grab the tote that lives in and take it along just in case!!!!
Girls weekend
Morgan enjoyed the down time at this all girls weekend too!
Sandy damage
Our beach lost a lot of sand but on the whole we were so lucky. The dunes did what they were suppose to do and held back the majority of the waves.
Project info coming soon!


  1. Oh my how I miss our time spent there. Next time the loom is coming with me you can be sure.

    1. It was a wonderful weekend, only too short as all beach weekends and get togethers are!

    2. Good job using (almost) all the equipment that you brought! Sounds like a great way to spend the weekend!