Wednesday, February 6, 2013

January round up

My SnoBuddies - loved knitting them over the Christmas/New Years break. These are the three I kept. They really appealed to the doll lover in me. I had to control my urge to knit a wardrobe of hats and scarves  for them!
So, a new year and another chance to do better - not that I don't frequently try but I there are 2 times a year that I feel a stronger urge to be the person I would like to be - January and September. I have started the year moving forward with my goal of not adding to the stash. Not by not buying more yarn or fiber but by using the yarn and fiber as it comes in the door instead of letting it marinate.Silk cloud wrap
First up - knit with some beautiful Silk Cloud, pictured above,  by Shibui purchased from my LYS Gosh Yarn It that went right on the needles for a Horai wrap. I knit that pattern as a scarf for my sister (pictured below) and for my largest SnoBuddy. I loved the pattern and wanted one for me. This yarn is so soft and so alive I couldn't resist.
Leslie's Horai outside
My December Club fiber from Spunky Eclectic got spun up during a Rock Day or Stl Distaff's Day celebration and is on the needles becoming Mukluks, a great pattern to show off handspun, handpainted yarn.
Mukluks finished
Weaving next post!
2013 is going to be a great year!


  1. Cute Sno Buddies! Love the wraps and Mukluks, too!

  2. That silk cloud still calls to me.

    I am being strong, but don't be surprised if some day I show up with some! And make the same shawl as you. That was totally beautiful.

  3. LOL I am trying not to pick out more for my next project before this one is finished!