Thursday, February 21, 2013

Weaving in 2013

Weaving has been taking up more of my time. I have started teaching some rigid heddle classes at Gosh Yarn It. I really enjoy using rigid heddle looms and often have both my 10 inch Cricket and my 16 inch Harp going at the same time. So, to do some catch up. The hounds tooth pattern was used for the first Weaving Class.
Houndstooth on Loom
I did mine in worsted wt, the black is commercial the variegated is handspun using an 8 dent heddle and very light beat. It washed up to be very soft and drapy.
Houndstooth finished
I had some bulky handspun again from Spunky Eclectic, "Eating Maine" Swaledale.  I wove some fabric with 3 ply Indian Warp I had purchased from the Mannings for a little seat cushion. Something soft between me and metal folding chairs!
Eating Maine project
Off the loom and washed:
cushion fabric washed
The cushion is all made but no photo yet!
Finally got a picture of my spa cloth experiment  - five spa cloths each a little different:
Spa Cloth trials
Oh, here is the first scarf project with the yarn that came with my Cricket!:
First Cricket Project
More weaving to come!


  1. I love the variety of fabrics that you are making! I am impressed that they were all made on your rigid heddle looms. Someday (I don't know when) I hope to take one of your classes!

  2. I love your pictures.

    I finally finished that crochet wrap for Kris. As a result I am in a knitting start-itist situation. So many options to begin. As soon as the knitting decisions are made and casting on has begun, I will warp my loom up again.