Monday, March 18, 2013

Log Cabin Weaving

I have always loved this pattern and planning for a class gives me permission to do samples. I wanted to show the effect of different wt yarn with the same set and the look of the log cabin pattern in squares, rectangles and different color combinations.  My first was 2 small guest towels. I have Euroflax 8/2 lace weight purchased at Gosh Yarn It sale on spec. In my first trial I have it waped using a 12 dent reed on my Cricket, a little over 9 inches wide and 48 inches long. The towel on the left has the weft yarn held double, the towel on the right has the same yarn held single in the weft.
Log Cabin and Euroflax experiments!
I wove another 2 towels using Euroflax, the only change was to warp double (still used the 12 dent reed). As with my first set, one has the weft woven double - the second single.No picture of those yet. I want to try a doubled Euroflax warp with a 10 dent reed too. In addition to the different feel, the Log Pattern design is more prominent when both the warp and the weft is held double.

On my Harp, I warped with worsted wt. cotton using the 8 dent reed.
Log Cabin experiments!
The class went well, I am excited to see the results!
Here is my finished pillow out of handspun - interesting how different the sides look!
cushion side A
cushion side B


  1. I really enjoyed the class! Great samples!
    (Is your pillow un-stuffed? I do like the colors.)

    1. I am so glad you are weaving! The pillow is actually more of a pad - stuffed with a few thicknesses of quilt batting. I wanted to make it easy to stuff in my spinning bag.