Thursday, March 21, 2013

Back to spinning

Banksia closeup
The last 2 posts have focused on weaving but there has been spinning going on too. Above is a good picture of "Banksia" Southern Cross Fiber 60% BFL/40% Tencelfrom July 2012 Batt Club. It was a wonderful spin. Ended up with 202 yarnds of 3 ply and 202 yarns of 2 ply. The 3 ply will be the background for my Fiddlehead mittens. Knitting post soon to come!
March 2013 Spinning so far
I have been trying to spin out of my comfort zone and have 2 "big and lofty" yarns as a result. Spunky Eclectic Cotswald  "Eye of the Peacock"; 2 ply, 69 yards, 4-6 wpi Jan 2013 Club in the top left, top right is my first spin from the fleece I bought from Karen at Endless Mt. Fiber Festival in 2012. I had it processed into roving. It is lovely to spin. Bottom right is "Summer's End" Spunky Eclectic, Superwash Merino, 119 yards that I spun as part of the Extreme Plying spin along in Southern Cross Fiber on ravelry. It is what we are calling M Ply. First I spun the fiber into 2 singles - plyed them for a 2 ply then N plied. The result is a cable yarn (6 plys) and has a nice texture. Makes it hard to see how uneven the singles in the 2 play are!
Finally, my next spin. I am doing Combo SAL 2013 ravelry Spunky Club with fibers from 3 dyers on 3 different fibers - on top SE Merino/Bamboo Rayon “Dinosaur”, bottom left Southern Cross Fibre Polwarth “Kakadu”, Bottom right Hello Yarn BFL “Scorch”. My plan is to do extreme spinning with these as well - I will N ply the three singles, that will be a 9 ply!
2013 comb 1 - Top SE Merino/Bamboo Rayon "Dinosaur" , bottom left Southern Cross Fibre Polwarth "Kakadu", Bottom right Hello Yarn BFL "Scorch"

Here are all those fibers mixed together in a better picture - actually half of the Kakadu is not there, I stripped the roving into 2 pieces and have one partially spun already! 2013 Combo Extream Ply mixed I am off to MD to visit with family this weekend - knitting will happen too!


  1. All of the fiber and yarn you spun is lovely, so colorful and soft.
    Deb Lozano

    1. Thanks Deb, I am lucky to have fiber from such talented dyers!