Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spring and new beginnings

Fiddlehead Mittens
Isn't that a lovely group of yarns! All spun by me out of Southern Cross Fibre roving and batts except for the Silk Cloud by Shibui  purchased at Gosh Yarn It! That is the bright green fuzzy one in the top left corner. I will be using that, held with Southern Cross Fiber "Boogie Wonderland" 2 ply, for the liner mitten. The larger semi sold bright green three ply in the center (all the rest of the fibers are Southern Cross Fibre) "Banksia" will be the background for the fiddlesticks which will be knitted out of the remaining 5 3 ply balls. I am really excited to see this project completed! I am swatching now  - hope third swatch is a go!
Tulip wrap sampling
I actually finished warping up for this project on my Harp but I love this picture of my sampling process on my Hockett Loom. It does 8 epi which was too wide a set for my plans, so I used the white weft (which I didn't like with the lovely Ty-Dy Cotton by Knit one Crochet Too I bought at Gosh Yarn It!) to pull the warp in to check out 10 epi with a thinner, darker color weft, Xie Bamboo also purchased at GYI! Bingo! The Xie for the weft is just a perfect color that holds the warp but shows allows the warp colors to shine through.   Love it. I am naming the project Tulip Wrap because the  colors in the Ty-Dy remind me of the tulips pictured on a postcard I got for my sister when I was visiting Tuileries Gardens in Paris. That was a wonderful trip!
Inkle Loom
Finally my newest too - an Inkle loom. I have been wanting one and the right size & price appeared in one of the used tool groups on ravelry. Can't wait to get started with it!


  1. Looks like a great loom, have fun, look forward to seeing something you made on your Inkle

  2. A truly lovely group of yarns for your Fiddlesticks. I look forward to seeing them and the Tulip Wrap all finished!

  3. Oh double wow! I like your loom.

    (I won't get one, I won't get one, I won't get one.)