Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Summer's End

Almost the end of August - Fall is just around the corner - YEA! Autumn is my favorite season and Winter runs a close second. It is the time for woolly warmth! As mentioned in my last post, I just started a new scarf, Love and Prayers, a Carolyn Kern Design. What a fun knit - I have gotten through the first heart repeat:
Love and Prayers Scarf
My October socks (from my year of the socks which was 2008! These were started at the end of October 2010) have reached the light at the end of the tunnel status:
October Socks
They should actually move along a lot faster - they are going on double points tonight! Did not enjoy the magic loop at all.
Finally my First Hello Yarn fiber spun up on my new Pocket Wheel, 472 yards, 28 wpi spun single - can't believe I got that yardage out of 1.6 oz!
Hello Yarn First


  1. I am most happy that you are so near to the end of those socks!
    The scarf looks excellent!

  2. Great job Linda The scarf looks great and I love the yarn you made with your new spinner.