Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Felting on a Ball!

Fall is always the beginning of the year for me, time to turn over a new leaf, to make resolutions! After falling off the blogging wagon I am climbing back on starting with felting on a ball. At this years Endless Mountain Fiber Festival I saw a demonstration, Making a Felt Hat on a Ball with Emily Rancier. I had seen Emily's creative hats before and I was inspired to give this felting method a try. It was so much fun! As I usually do, I like my results. Not quite finished yet - I need to find some finishing info but on the whole a very doable process.
I was lucky enough to get Kathy, a friend from my weekly Stitch & Spin group at Gosh Yarn It to model it for me. Thanks Kathy! Also thanks to Emily who not only provided a great demonstrated but patiently answered all my emails. I really need to take notes at demonstrations. Last weekend was Fiber Fallout where I took my first every spinning classes. It was so exciting to learn from my spinning heroes! I was lucky enough to have classes with both Judith MacKenzie and Robin Russo. I also got to see some stunning work Daryl Lancaster and chat with her. The weekend has me stuffed with enough information to work with until it occurs again in 2 years. It was a wonderful experience.


  1. I love your hat and it looks great on Kathy! I never heard of Fiber Fallout, but I am sure that it was amazing. Its no wonder that you are enjoying the Fall!

  2. Love the hat! The colors blend so very well.

    I am looking forward to my visit later this month.

  3. Your hat is beautiful. You are so fortunate to be able to take a workshop with such amazing instructors.

  4. Love it. I would buy that hat. I mean, what WOULDN'T go with that hat?!

    Greetings from Minneapolis!