Monday, October 22, 2012

Rhinebeck - it's wooly season!

Rhinebeck 2012 Sunday was a wonderful day at Rhinebeck (Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck NY) – I enjoyed myself so much! It was fun to have my cousin Elaine along for her first Rhinebeck trip. I go stay with her for MDS&W. It was lovely that she could join me this year for Rhinebeck. I took no pictures there, was sorry since it was such a spectacular day – sunny with a breeze that made the beautiful fall leaves float down but I enjoyed being there so much. The bus trip run by Gosh Yarn It! was fun, so nice to leave the driving to someone else. I did pretty well sticking to my no fiber or yarn rule as you can see by the picture above. Actually only bought the briar rose fiber in the basket. The lovely little bumps of semi solid fiber were given to me by David of Southern Cross Fiber! What a lovely surprise that was. I needed the basket to house my growing spindle collection. The latest was the lovely little .5 oz Golding that spins like a dream. Haven’t tried the Lucet yet but isn’t that bird’s eye maple lovely. A hat form and a 20 needle - needle felting thinger rounds off the grouping that came home with me. The Golding and the Lucet wanted close ups! Golding .5oz Lucet I even have a plan for my beautiful semi solids – Fiddlehead Mittens. Here they are with the SCF Batt Club from July 2012 “Banksia” that I will use for the background – now to just spin them all! Fiddlehead Mittens I loved chatting with people, seeing the beautiful knitted or crocheted items that people wore, meeting in person people I chat with on line. It was so much fun!


  1. Wonderful pictures. Mine are still in the camera :-( Need to download those pics to take to mom's this morning.

    I had the most wonderful visit with you. I am missing it even now as I write.

    1. 3 Weeks until weaving/knitting/spinning at the beach!

  2. It was great to go on the Gosh Yarn It! bus trip with you and Elaine and all the others. I like your purchases! I should be so good as to go to my next fiber festival and not buy any yarn (or fiber). I certainly do not need any, but I bought a bit more there than I did last year.