Thursday, February 23, 2012


Boucle finished
Who knew Boucle was so complicated and time intensive to create! Not me until the Spunky Eclectic Boucle Challenge. There are three yarns needed - a core yarn lightly spun s wise (counter-clock wise), a fairly thin yarn more tightly spun z wise (clock wise)is used for the loops - Ply those 2 together s wise - then a third, thin binder yarn which has been spun tightly z wise to use as the binder. Then a second ply - the result of the first ply with the binder (third yarn) whew!
Boucle challange yarns
These are the yarns I used and the first ply result. For the core I used a three ply I spun from Southern Cross Fibre "Tendrils" (bottom). The 2 oz. skein was over spun so I ran it though the wheel again to take out spin (I think I over did that a bit), then my loopy yarn is Spunky Eclectic "Angkor Wat" (top middle) spun single. The yarn on the top left is the loopy and the core plied together. I chose to use a metallic thread as the binder (top right) The picture at the beginning of the blog shows that yarn plied with the binder.


  1. That does sound complicated. You are a real fiber artist. The resulting boucle is quite amazing.

  2. Thanks Carolyn, it was nice seeing you tonight - more art yarns to come!

  3. Oh my gosh LInda. You have really gotten to a much higher level. You are just amazing.

    1. LOL - it's a process! Have the Boucle soaking now but there are issues, hope to do better with the second bobbin!