Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My Sweater from Scratch - it is a process!

I am mid way through my sweater from scratch and it has been an experience. It started with seeing and buying the most beautiful, very clean 5.2 pound corriedale fleece from Rupperts at my second MD Sheep and Wool Festival in 2009.
My First Fleece
Isn't it beautiful! I scoured it next - not a little undertaking! Several washes in special soap, temperature controlled with no agitation (to prevent felting). Here is a little I combed:
corriedale combed
Next dye - I decided I wanted a rich multifaceted red. I had some Greener Shades dye and did three batches of wool, kettle dyed. Results in the next post!


  1. oh yes i remember this fiber and i loved it.

    I loved it in its raw form. It was lovely.

    1. Just signed up for a Spinners Study course looking at 2 breeds of sheep's wool a month for a year. I will keep watch for one that is that color when washed!

  2. Beautiful fiber! It look so pure after being washed and combed. I love kettle dyed yarns and I look forward your next post!

  3. So very lovely! Did you join Three Sheeps for the fiber study?