Thursday, February 16, 2012

New Projects!

Don't we all love starting new projects! Now that my Christmas knitting is finally complete I have started a pair socks for me. I am so in need of socks - only one pair of socks left that don't have many mends. First up for socks is Carolyn Kern's TATU pattern knit out of my handspun Jacob "Tendrils" colorway from Southern Cross Fibre April 2011 Club which I spun as a 3 ply.
Tendrils 1
What beautiful fiber this was!
Next will be simple striped socks, again with Southern Cross Fibre yarn, using David's Toe up Cookbook. Again I spun 8 oz. of fiber, this n ply, so I can do tall tops. I am using Feb 2011 Club Polwarth "Wide Awake"
Wide Awake finished
Look at this lovely fiber, mid spin on my Matchless at my LYS, Gosh Yarn It!
TdF Day 6
This coming 3 day weekend will be picking fiber for more planned projects - love new projects!


  1. That Tendrils color way was/is beautiful. It would almost have been worth leaving it unspun. Infact I thought that about alot of fibers.

    1. LOL that is what I find so satisfying about my rather extensive fiber stash - plenty of lovely fiber to enjoy unspun!

  2. Great yarn! Beautiful fiber! Spun and un-spun, all are lovely!

  3. Great! Your link worked. I had the same problem with Word since the program converts your address into a link already. I now enter my code onto a comment, then copy that signature onto my Word document for future copy and pastes and that works well.

    Glad you can now do this. It makes finding blogs so much easier.

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  4. Yeah! That worked. Now I have copied the hyperlink that I copied from the previous message, and then pasted into a word document, saved, and then copied into this message. Let's hope this works.

  5. I guess I should be testing my link too... but, wait... I don't have a link yet... :-))

    Linda, I am very impressed with your talent and patience, working with all those fibers, putting the colors together, shaping and shaping until getting your final project completed. That's awesome!