Monday, August 8, 2011


I am so lucky to have cousins. Last Saturday I went to the annual Mannings Sit and Knit with my mother's sister's daughter and my father's brother's daughter. What a wonderful day we had, sitting under a tree knitting and chatting. My cousin from my mother's side has been part of my light from day 1 (as I regularly mention to her, she is 59 days older than I am). I lost touch with the cousins from my father's side (there are 2) for about 40 years. It is such a gift to have them in my life again. I just couldn't manage without cousins! Here is a picture of the 3 of us at The Mannings.
Mannings cousins
We did have a picture together from maybe 1953 not quite in the same order, can you tell who is who?
It was a perfect day for Auguest, no sun and a few light showers but we were under a great tree with a great view - on one side grapevines and fields:
Mannings Grapevine
On the other side The Mannings:
Mannings knit 2 Mannings Knit 1
We had a great day!


  1. Great pictures. I, too, blogged about this day ... will be published soon.

    And I forgot about the picture of the 3 of us as children!

    Now, how special is that !!!!!!

  2. How wonderful for you! Not just having cousins, but also sharing the same interests...and spending time together doing so!

  3. Lucky lady! What a nice afternoon with your cousins. So cool that you are all connected today!