Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Great Weekend

I have had a wonderful weekend. It included knitting, spinning, weaving and carding! First, have some lovely pictures of the woven scarf I made for my sister's birthday - May 21st (A late gift but much loved anyway!). My local yarn store takes pictures for Finish Object Friday (check out their Blog ) Ann takes stunning pictures as you can see:
Leslie's scarf 1
Leslie's scarf
I now have the Spunky Eclectic July Weaving Club project in the works"
Weaving Club 2011
Some progress on my 2 socks at a time, one one circular needle from the toe up. So far I really miss my double points. Also got some of my first fleece carded. Finished up the Hello Yarn I started as my first Pocket Wheel spin, drying now and worked on spinning more Southern Cross Fibre Jacob, colorway "Tendrils" for my next pair of socks. I will try a friends pattern. TATU Sock Try A Toe Up sock! The fiber is lovely :
Tendrils socks in process
I also got to meet a friend at Gosh Yarn It on Sat to help her pick out yarn for a sweater she is knitting for her first grandchild. All in all a wonderful, satisfying weekend.


  1. Gorgeous scarf! (Ann does take stunning photos.) Great weaving. And I am honored that you are preparing such beautiful yarn for the TATU socks. Keep up all your good work!

  2. Aw... so you are Elaine's cousin? How sweet.

    Thanks for stopping by and for your kind comment.

    Linda, that's a beautiful scarf!


  3. Wow, Linda, that is one beautiful scarf. I am always so impressed when I look at your work. I think the one who should be proud to be your cousin is me!!! You astound me. And inspire me. I think I am back to knitting because of you! Weaving and spinning to follow soon.