Sunday, August 14, 2011

Pocket Wheel Touch Down!

My big news - my long awaited Pocket Wheel has arrived. Here is the event! First, the box makes it home:
1 Home!
Opened up - it was very well packed! Then First layer off. Loved the bubble wrap - my favorite color, green.
2 Box Opened
3 Well Packed
Here are my bobbins. Three for the regular flyer one each in Maple, Cherry and Walnut. Three for the Woolee Winder:
4 Bobbins out
All the parts laid out:
5 All out
Couldn't help talking several pictures - still need a real "beauty shot". The red bag is an extra large Lands End zippered bag which holds everything plus!:
6 Finished
7 Together
This one is the most accurate color and shows the lovely cherry in the treadles.
8 Lovely Cherry
The best news - it is such a lovely spin!


  1. OHHH Linda! How exciting!! Beautiful. I love it! I can't wait to see it in person.

    When I saw it came in pieces I though "oh yug!" But then I remembered that you are the Queen of putting things together.

    I love the pictures!!!

  2. It is a beautiful thing. The bobbin picture looks great and then when it is all put together...fantastic! Happy spinning!

  3. I so wish someone would do a video of putting this wheel together.I'm going to be omo Saturday. I hope to spin during Irene.