Monday, August 1, 2011

Climbing Back On

It seems I fell off the Tour de Fleece wagon weekend of the 16th. Must have been a hectic week - I needed a weekend of nothing and I had it! Read all weekend, my escape to the 7 kingdoms and free cities in the "Game of Thrones" series. Feeling much better after my get away and I came back strong. While I didn't finish my 3 pounds I didn't do too badly. So here is the end results:
TdF2011 finish
The total wt spun in 2 pounds 10.5 oz. The singles on the bobbins have been plied since the end of the TdF and everything has had a wash. Planned on taking more pictures but didn't get to it over the weekend. Just for comparison here was my basket of fiber prior to TdF:
TdF 2011 Goal
Now I am back to finishing up the woven scarf project that will go to my sister and the never ending socks (working on the cuff so not too long now). As soon as I finish the cuff increases I will be switching to double points - I miss my double points! I need to knit and weave some of this new yarn soon!


  1. Not bad at all! 5.5 oz. is like nothing, especially considering the beauty of your "end results" basket!
    As someone who has the pleasure to knit by your side from time to time, I also cannot wait until you get back on your double points! :-)